Name of dog:
Roughrider's Navy Cut    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
white with brown
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       - - - -
- -
- - -
- -
- - - -
- -
- - -
- -
India LIRRC95L3736 S28923/95 white with brown D     Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       - -
- -
Duna (Landi) LIRRC93L2114       - -
- -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       - - -
- -
- - -
- -

1999.03.29, Caterina LIRRC95L3629 S28988/95 white with orange A    
Cobby's Capitano S28576/99 male white with orange      
Cobby's Cirena S28577/99 female white with orange A    
Cobby's Cannella S28578/99 female brown C    

2000.06.22, Cobby's C-Pannacotta S15829/98 white with orange A    
Varpelidens C-Carino S42101/2000 male brown      
Varpelidens C-Ciuffo S42102/2000 male white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Corallo S42103/2000 male white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Cesena S42104/2000 female white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Carezza S42105/2000 female orange      

2000.09.06, Ada LIRRC93L1652 S18119/2000 brown A    
Cobby's Abbronzato S52397/2000 male brown A    
Cobby's Adone S52398/2000 male white with brown A    
Cobby's Arlecchino S52399/2000 male white with brown      
Cobby's Armatore S52400/2000 male white with brown      
Cobby's Avorio S52401/2000 male white with orange B    
Cobby's Abracadabra S52402/2000 female brownroan      
Cobby's Alleanza S52403/2000 female white with brown B    

2001.12.17, Lägdens Chocolatemint S18881/99 brown A    
Amadeo Av Nr 35 N01577/02 male brown C    
Brando Av Nr 35 N01578/02 S26568/2002 male brown B    
Cesare Av Nr 35 N01579/02 male brown D    
Dahna Av Nr 35 N01580/02 female brown      
Elena Av Nr 35 N01581/02 female brown A    

2002.02.11, Tartufoepannarowntree (Cry Out) LIR99/22483 S25280/99 white with brown B    
Rowntree Editore S21835/2002 male white with orange      
Rowntree Eleganza S21836/2002 female white with brown D    
Rowntree Ezmeralda S21837/2002 female white with brown      

2002.12.09, Rowntree Astha S30528/2000 brownroan A +-  
Rowntree Favio S13099/2003 male white with brown C    
Rowntree Fabrizio S13100/2003 male brownroan A --  
Rowntree Falconetti S13101/2003 male brownroan A    
Rowntree Fragranza S13102/2003 female white with brown B    
Rowntree Favola S13103/2003 female white with brown B    
Rowntree Fila Strocca S13104/2003 female white with brown      
Rowntree Fidanzata S13105/2003 female white with brown C    

2006.07.31, Rowntree Jizzena S40131/2004 brown B    
Rowntree Si Certamente S58467/2006 male white with brown      
Rowntree Saracco S58468/2006 male brown      
Rowntree Selvarossa S58469/2006 female brown D    
Rowntree Sophia S58470/2006 female brown B    
Rowntree Salvia S58471/2006 female brown      
Rowntree Solinera S58472/2006 female brown C    
Rowntree Sabihna S58473/2006 female white with orange C    

2006.08.02, Hunky-Dory Perla Bella S15476/2003 brownroan B    
Cobby's Il Presidente S55419/2006 male white with brown      
Cobby's Il Professore S55420/2006 male white with brown C    
Cobby's Indovino S55421/2006 male white with brown      
Cobby's Italico S55422/2006 male white with orange      
Cobby's Impulsiva S55423/2006 female white with brown C    
Cobby's Indiavolata S55424/2006 female white with brown      
Cobby's Indovina S55425/2006 female white with brown      

Roughrider's Cohiba Lancero S59074/96 1996.11.07 male brown      
Roughrider's Jps S59075/96 1996.11.07 male brownroan      
Roughrider's Cobby Havanna S59077/96 1996.11.07 female brown      
Roughrider's Gloria Cubana S59078/96 1996.11.07 female brown D    
Roughrider's Silk Cut S59079/96 1996.11.07 female white with brown      

Half siblings from father:
Argo LIRRC94L3234 . . male        
Apache (Landi) LIRRC94L3235 . . male        
Arold LIRRC94L3238 . . male        
Ania LIRRC94L3241 . . female        
Cary LIRRC93L3761 . . female        
Ciccio LIRRC95L3757 . . male        
Catia LIRRC95L3760 . . female        
Fida (Landi) LIRRC94L3401 1994.03.22 female brownroan      
Robin (Landi) LIRRC95L3967 1995.02.16 male white with brown      
Rolf (Landi) LIRRC95L3968 1995.02.16 male white with orange      
Rob (Landi) LIRRC95L3969 1995.02.16 male brownroan      
Ringo (Landi) LIRRC95L3970 1995.02.16 male Brown with white      
Rea (Landi) LIRRC95L3971 1995.02.16 female white with brown      
Raissa (Landi) LIRRC95L3972 SHSBA03620 1995.02.16 female Brown with white      
Rimba (Landi) LIRRC95L3973 SHSBA03538 1995.02.16 female brownroan B    
Omar (Landi) LIRRC95L3960 1995.02.16 male white with orange      
Oria (Landi) LIRRC95L3961 1995.02.16 female Brown with white      
Olbia (Landi) LIRRC95L3962 1995.02.16 female white with orange      
Silver (Landi) LIRRC95L4038 LOI99/32244 1995.05.08 male white with brown      
Sonnj (Landi) LIRRC95L4039 SHSBA03680 1995.05.08 female brown      
Susy (Landi) LIRRC95L4040 1995.05.08 female brown      
Sallj (Landi) LIRRC95L4041 1995.05.08 female white with orange      
Adam di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4684 SHSBA03958 1995.12.25 male brown A    
Artu' di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4685 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Aldo di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4686 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Arno di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4687 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Ali' di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4688 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Astra di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4689 1995.12.25 female brownroan      
Assia di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4690 1995.12.25 female white      
Boris di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4679 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Berry di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4680 1995.12.25 male white with orange      
Bora di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4681 1995.12.25 female white      
Bice di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4682 1995.12.25 female white with brown      
Baia di Casa Cleo LIRRC96L4683 1995.12.25 female white with orange      
Drago (Landi) LIRRC97L5081 1996.02.06 male white      
Dogo (Landi) LIRRC97L5082 1996.02.06 male brownroan      
Denis (Landi) LIRRC97L5083 1996.02.06 male brownroan      
Delia (Landi) LIRRC97L5084 1996.02.06 female brownroan      
Dora (Landi) LIRRC97L5085 1996.02.06 female brown      
Edo (Landi) LIRRC97L5098 1996.07.20 male white      
Erika (Landi) LIRRC97L5099 S40896/97 1996.07.20 female brown      
Etna (Landi) LIRRC97L5100 LOF1/1 1996.07.20 female brown A    
Emy (Landi) LIRRC97L5101 1996.07.20 female white with orange      
Elga (Landi) LIRRC97L5102 1996.07.20 female white with orange      
Elly (Landi) LIRRC97L5103 S43848/97 1996.07.20 female white      
Fiocco di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5090 S40897/97 1996.07.29 male brownroan      
Felix di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5091 SHSBA04142 1996.07.29 male brownroan C    
Flora di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5092 1996.07.29 female white with brown      
Isk di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5373 1996.09.27 male white with brown      
Iron di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5374 1996.09.27 male white with brown      
Ingo di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5375 1996.09.27 male white with brown      
Idra di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5376 1996.09.27 female white      
India di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5377 1996.09.27 female white      
Kiss di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5378 1996.10.19 male white      
Konnj di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5379 1996.10.19 male white with brown      
Kess di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5380 1996.10.19 male white with brown      
Cappucinoromagnolo di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5381 1996.10.19 male brownroan      
Kipper di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5382 1996.10.19 male brown      
Kira di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5383 1996.10.19 female white with brown      
Kia di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5384 1996.10.19 female brownroan      
Niki di Casa Cleo LIR98/127496 1997.04.03 male white with orange      
Nara di Casa Cleo LIR98/127506 1997.04.03 female white      
Tosca di Casa Cleo LIR98/153724 1997.11.30 female brownroan      
Tatiana di Casa Cleo LIR98/153728 1997.11.30 female brownroan      
Ciccio di Casa Cleo LIR99/76264 1998.07.24 male brownroan      
Drago di Casa Cleo LIR99/111515 1998.10.18 male brownroan      
Drex di Casa Cleo LIR99/111524 1998.10.18 male brownroan A    
Luca di Casa Cleo LOI00/19487 1999.04.24 male white      
Lulu' di Casa Cleo LOI00/19488 1999.04.24 female white      
Lolita di Casa Cleo LOI00/19491 SHSBA05224 1999.04.24 female white with brown      
Pupa di Casa Cleo LOI00/76075 2000.01.01 female brown      
Zico di Casa Cleo LOI01/4990 2000.07.28 male brownroan      
Zaira di Casa Cleo LOI01/4993 SHSBAO5644 2000.07.28 female brownroan B --  
Zarina di Casa Cleo LOI01/4997 2000.07.28 female brown      
Zimba di Casa Cleo LOI01/5007 2000.07.28 female white with brown      
Gill di Casa Cleo LIR01/89680 2000.11.12 male brownroan      
Tuara di Casa Cleo LIR02/12108 2001.05.24 female brown B    
Zar di Casa Cleo LOI02/24537 2001.08.24 male Brown with white      
Zampina di Casa Cleo LOI02/24539 2001.08.24 female Brown with white      
Zita di Casa Cleo LOI02/24541 2001.08.24 female white with orange      
Zina di Casa Cleo LOI02/24542 2001.08.24 female white with brown      
Luca di Casa Cleo LOI02/137476 2002.04.07 male white      
Lallo di Casa Cleo LOI02/137479 2002.04.07 male brown      
Luna di Casa Cleo LOI02/137482 2002.04.07 female white      
Linda di Casa Cleo LOI02/137484 2002.04.07 female white      
Mirco di Casa Cleo LOI02/137638 2002.05.30 male white with orange      
Max di Casa Cleo LOI02/137639 2002.05.30 male white      
Mimi di Casa Cleo LOI02/137640 2002.05.30 female white with brown A    
Mila di Casa Cleo LOI02/137641 2002.05.30 female brown      
Miara di Casa Cleo LOI02/137642 2002.05.30 female white with brown      
Milca di Casa Cleo LOI02/137643 2002.05.30 female Brown with white      
Urho di Casa Cleo LOI03/74951 FINER24915/04 2003.03.09 male white with brown B    
Unico di Casa Cleo LOI03/74952 2003.03.09 male Brown with white      
Ulan di Casa Cleo LOI03/74953 2003.03.09 male white      
Ulla di Casa Cleo LOI03/74954 2003.03.09 female white      
Euan di Casa Cleo LIR04/48395 2003.10.17 male Brown with white      
Edi di Casa Cleo LIR04/48397 2003.10.17 male white with brown      
Erik di Casa Cleo LIR04/48398 2003.10.17 male brownroan      
Edo di Casa Cleo LIR04/48399 2003.10.17 male brown      
Ebby di Casa Cleo LIR04/48400 2003.10.17 female Brown with white      
Eden di Casa Cleo LIR04/48401 2003.10.17 female white with orange      
Ellen di Casa Cleo LIR04/48402 2003.10.17 female white with orange      
Erika di Casa Cleo LIR04/48403 2003.10.17 female brownroan      

Half siblings from mother:
Cobby's Ideatore S15818/98 1998.01.21 male brownroan      
Cobby's Imperatore S15819/98 1998.01.21 male white with orange D    
Cobby's Intenzione S15820/98 1998.01.21 male white with brown      
Cobby's Idea S15821/98 1998.01.21 female brown A    
Cobby's Imperatrice S15822/98 1998.01.21 female white with orange A    
Cobby's Indipendenza S15823/98 1998.01.21 female brown B