Name of dog:
Cesy (Caldari)    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Brown with white
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Tao (Sartoni Giu.) LIRRC95L4054 white with orange       Popolano Luki LIRRC93L1800       Ali LIRRC93L2034       - -
- -
Popolano Flai LIRRC93L2241       Lampo LIRRC93L2232       -
Daisy LIRRC93L2168       -
Daisy LIRRC93L2168       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Diana delle Farnie LOI98/8720 brownroan       Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B     Kim LIRRC94L3366       Fiocco LIRRC93L1754       Chicco LIRRC93L2069      
Lilla LIRRC93L2359      
Furia LIRRC93L1451       Kitti LIRRC93L2343      
Lilla LIRRC93L2359      
Milly LIRRC94L3472       Ferro LIRRC93L1752       Chicco LIRRC93L2069      
Lilla LIRRC93L2359      
Chira LIRRC93L1750       Chicco LIRRC93L2069      
Lilla LIRRC93L2359      
Ofris (Rabitti) LIRRC93L1674 LOIRC158782       Bill LIRRC93L2349       - -
- -
Tali' (Rabitti) LIRRC93L2164       - -
- -

2002.04.29, Apricotfarniett (Bernabei D.) LIR99/181118 orange      
Dik (Caldari) LIR02/125825 male white with orange      
Jak (Caldari) LIR02/125826 male brownroan      
Milly (Caldari) LIR02/125827 female white with orange      
Lola (Caldari) LIR02/125828 female brownroan      
Lucy (Caldari) LIR02/125829 female brownroan      

2005.04.24, Ali della Metaurense LIR04/126808 brownroan      
Lady (Caldari) LIR05/115248 female white with brown      
Milly (Caldari) LIR05/115249 female white with brown      
Dick (Caldari) LIR05/115250 male white with orange      
Fox (Caldari) LIR05/115251 male white with brown      
Rex (Caldari) LIR05/115252 male white with brown      

2006.05.09, Romeo (Marinelli) LIR04/65655 brownroan A    
Dik (Girolomoni) LIR06/126574 male brownroan      
Bil (Girolomoni) LIR06/126575 male brownroan      
Jack (Girolomoni) LIR06/126577 male white with orange      
Pola (Girolomoni) LIR06/126579 female brownroan      
Mari (Girolomoni) LIR06/126581 female white with orange      

2008.03.15, Pepe (Caldari) LIR05/136938 brownroan      
Tom (Girolomoni) LIR09/18555 male brownroan      
Dodi (Girolomoni) LIR09/18556 male brownroan      
Arno (Girolomoni) LIR09/18557 male brownroan      
Diana (Girolomoni) LIR09/18558 female brownroan      
Lara (Girolomoni) LIR09/18559 female white with orange      
Mary (Girolomoni) LIR09/18560 female brownroan      
Bruna (Girolomoni) LIR09/18561 female brownroan      

2010.04.04, Blanc (Tempesta) LIR02/71296 LOI05/48820 white with orange B    
Frida (Caldari) LIR10/165029 female orange A    
Diana (Caldari) LIR10/165029 female brownroan      
Dora (Caldari) LIR10/165030 female white with orange      
Jack (Caldari) LIR10/165031 male white with orange      
Pelu' (Caldari) LIR10/165032 male white with orange      

Cicco (Caldari) LIR00/98965 NHSB2325694 2000.03.13 male brownroan      
Chico (Caldari) LIR00/98966 2000.03.13 male white with brown      
Cina (Caldari) LIR00/98968 2000.03.13 female white with orange      
Candy (Caldari) LIR00/98969 2000.03.13 female Brown with white      
Carotta (Caldari) LIR00/98970 2000.03.13 female Brown with white      

Half siblings from father:
Isottadreamy delle Farnie LIR00/22985 1999.07.30 female white with orange A    
Dreamyisotta delle Farnie LIR00/22986 1999.07.30 female white with orange      
Ofris delle Farnie LIR00/22987 FINER22862/00 1999.07.30 female white with orange      
Minu' delle Farnie LIR00/22988 1999.07.30 female white with orange      
Cassia delle Farnie LIR00/22989 1999.07.30 female brown      
Flossy delle Farnie LIR00/22990 1999.07.30 female white with brown B    
Rivale delle Farnie LIR00/22991 1999.07.30 male white with orange      
Jak delle Farnie LIR00/22992 1999.07.30 male white with brown      
Dex delle Farnie LIR00/22993 1999.07.30 male Brown with white A    

Half siblings from mother: