Name of dog:
Gaia (Baroncelli)    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
white with brown
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Bruk (Morara) LIR98/15508 brownroan B     - - - -
- -
- - -
- -
- - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Jolie (Baroncelli) LIR02/92764 white with brown C     Mars (Morara) LOI01/112643 S30638/2003 brownroan A     Full delle Farnie LOI99/95876 FINER12909/04 brownroan A     Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan       Clean (Bernabei) LIRRC93L1879      
Tress LIRRC93L1758      
Hydra delle Farnie LIRRC95L3894 LOIRC160776       Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white      
Dasy LIRRC94L3176 LOIRC158780 FINER38160/98 brown      
Manola (Morara) LIR99/35825 white       Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B     Kim LIRRC94L3366      
Milly LIRRC94L3472      
Desdemona LIRRC93L1768       Tommi (Morara) LIRRC93L2047      
Miss (Billi) LIRRC93L2587      
Gilda (Chiarugi) LIR98/52534 white with orange       Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white       - -
- -
Margot LIRRC93L2810       Tommi (Morara) LIRRC93L2047       -
Mila LIRRC93L2380       -


Gilda (Baroncelli) LIR04/29700 2003.09.24 female white      
Tobia (Baroncelli) LIR04/29701 2003.09.24 male brownroan      
Truk (Baroncelli) LIR04/29702 2003.09.24 male brownroan B    
Jenny (Baroncelli) LIR04/29703 2003.09.24 female brownroan A    
Tierry (Baroncelli) LIR04/29704 2003.09.24 male white with brown      
Toppino (Baroncelli) LIR04/29705 2003.09.24 male brownroan      
Toppy (Baroncelli) LIR05/135051 S61322/2008 2005.04.10 male white with orange B    
Bianca (Baroncelli) LIR05/135052 2005.04.10 female white with orange      
Tago (Baroncelli) LIR05/135053 2005.04.10 male white with brown      
Piccino (Baroncelli) LIR05/135054 2005.04.10 male white with brown      
Joe (Baroncelli) LIR05/135056 2005.04.10 male brownroan      
Giulia (Baroncelli) LIR05/135057 2005.04.10 female brownroan   -- --

Half siblings from father:
Matt (Morara) LIR04/28638 LOI07/68562 2003.04.30 male brownroan A +- --
Mery (Morara) LIR04/28639 S19118/2005 2003.04.30 female brownroan A    
Monia (Morara) LIR04/28640 2003.04.30 female brownroan      
Patty (Morara) LIR04/28641 2003.04.30 female white with brown      
Take (Morara) LIR04/28642 2003.04.30 female white with brown      
Luna (Morara) LIR04/28643 2003.04.30 female white with orange      
Nico (Quercia) LIR04/20911 2003.09.12 male white with orange      
Kiff (Quercia) LIR04/20914 2003.09.12 male white with orange      
Suado (Quercia) LIR04/20915 2003.09.12 male brownroan      
Siria (Quercia) LIR04/20916 2003.09.12 female white with orange      
Kristall (Quercia) LIR04/20917 2003.09.12 female brownroan      
Zena (Morara) LIR04/72056 2004.01.24 female brownroan      
Ambra (Morara) LIR04/72057 2004.01.24 female white with orange      
Isotta (Morara) LIR04/72058 2004.01.24 female white with orange      
Mor (Morara) LIR08/72239 2007.08.11 male brown A --  
Mar (Morara) LIR08/72240 2007.08.11 male brownroan      
Mint (Morara) LIR08/72242 2007.08.11 male brownroan A --  
Lillo (Aspidistra) LIR09/58280 2008.07.08 male white with brown      
Nick (Aspidistra) LIR09/58282 S63254/2009 2008.07.08 male white with brown B    
Alba (Aspidistra) LIR09/58283 2008.07.08 female brownroan      
Shira (Aspidistra) LIR09/58284 2008.07.08 female white with brown      
Gio' (Aspidistra) LIR09/58285 2008.07.08 female brownroan      
Kali' (Aspidistra) LIR09/58286 2008.07.08 female brown      

Half siblings from mother:
Badu' (Baroncelli) LIR08/37549 2007.05.24 male brownroan B -- --
Valentino Delle Rocche (Baroncelli) LIR09/141990 2009.01.07 male white with brown A    
Sami (Baroncelli) LIR09/141991 2009.01.07 male white with brown      
Gilda (Baroncelli) LIR09/141993 2009.01.07 female white with orange      
Mimi (Baroncelli) LIR09/141994 2009.01.07 female brownroan C -- --
Chiara (Baroncelli) LIR09/141998 2009.01.07 female white with orange      
Dida (Baroncelli) LIR09/165836 2009.07.31 female brownroan      
Dudi (Baroncelli) LIR09/165838 2009.07.31 male brownroan      
Charlie (Baroncelli) LIR09/165839 2009.07.31 male brownroan      
Max (Baroncelli) LIR09/165841 2009.07.31 male brownroan      
Zorro (Baroncelli) LIR09/165844 2009.07.31 male brownroan      
Floppy (Baroncelli) LIR09/165845 2009.07.31 male brownroan      
Rex (Baroncelli) LIR09/165848 2009.07.31 male brownroan