Name of dog:
Budoar Martini    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Budoar Walsh FINER14783/05 brown B --   Budoar Victor FINER38335/03 brownroan C     Peterpan (Casadei Ri.) LIR99/31555 FINER37741/99 white with brown D     Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white       -
Mega LIRRC93L2806       Tommi (Morara) LIRRC93L2047      
Mila LIRRC93L2380      
Punatassun Fiorina FINER16438/01 Brown with white       Aster delle Farnie LIRRC96L4732 FIN12477/98 white with orange A +-   Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan      
Dolly LIRRC94L3362      
Dasy LIRRC94L3176 LOIRC158780 FINER38160/98 brown       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Mandy LIRRC94L3159      
Varpelidens C-Made For Budoar S11616/2003 brown B     Punatassun Besando FINER40132/99 S35858/2004 Brown with white       Zartuber (Scantamburlo) LIRRC96L4902 FINER28389/97 brown   --   Ircus (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L1946      
Pola (Scantamburlo) LIRRC95L3684      
Dasy LIRRC94L3176 LOIRC158780 FINER38160/98 brown       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Mandy LIRRC94L3159      
Cobby's C-Pannacotta S15829/98 white with orange A     Gerry (Re D'Abruzzo) LIRRC97L5448 S52146/97 brown A     Arno (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2606 brownroan      
Ada LIRRC93L1652 S18119/2000 brown A    
Cobby's C-Tartufo Di Cioccolata S14628/96 brown A     Ivan LIRRC95L3729 S28922/95 brown D    
Caterina LIRRC95L3629 S28988/95 white with orange A    
Erika di Casa Cleo LIR01/89664 FINER33362/01 brownroan A     Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Susy (Landi) LIRRC95L4040 brown       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       - -
- -
Erika LIRRC93L1428       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Gaia LIRRC93L2001       -

2007.10.21, Budoar Lillemor FINER38789/05 brown B    
Budoar Narelle FINER58558/07 female brown      
Budoar Nana FINER58560/07 female brown      
Budoar Nicola FINER58561/07 female brown      
Budoar Nina FINER58562/07 female brown      
Budoar Mickael FINER58563/07 male brown      
Budoar Maranello FINER58564/07 male brown      
Budoar Martinello FINER58565/07 male brown C    
Budoar Monroe FINER58566/07 male brown B --  

2008.01.22, Springrotin Femma FINER10853/04 brown D    
Springrotin Oscar FINER16268/08 male white with brown      
Springrotin Oreste FINER16269/08 male brown      
Springrotin Osvaldo FINER16270/08 male brown E    
Springrotin Ofelia FINER16271/08 female brown      

2008.06.21, Roosa FINER50488/04 brown B    
Into FINER42722/08 male brown      
Iiro FINER42723/08 male brown      
Iivari FINER42724/08 male brown C    
Siiri FINER42725/08 female brown      
Silja FINER42726/08 female brown      
Senni FINER42727/08 female brown      
Susa FINER42728/08 female brown      

2008.09.13, Jet-Set's Fiorina's Legacy FINER45044/06 brown D    
Budoar Alecsandro FINER53268/08 male white with brown      
Budoar Alec FINER53269/08 male white with brown D    
Budoar Asser FINER53270/08 male white with brown      
Budoar Alexei FINER53271/08 male brown B    
Budoar Ana FINER53272/08 female brown      
Budoar Anemone FINER53273/08 female brownroan      
Budoar Allamanda FINER53274/08 female brownroan      
Budoar Allora FINER53275/08 female brownroan      

2008.09.19, Budoar Angeliga FINER14658/05 brown B    
Pate FINER56986/08 male white with brown      
Peni FINER56987/08 male brown      
Pepe FINER56988/08 male brown      
Piku FINER56989/08 male brown      
Pipsa FINER56990/08 female brown      
Peppi FINER56991/08 female white with brown      

2008.12.07, Foogel Pietra Preziosa FINER15432/05 white with orange C +-  
Foogel Leonardo FINER12241/09 male brown      
Foogel Leone Carlo FINER12242/09 male white with brown      
Foogel Limoncello FINER12243/09 male orange      
Foogel Leonessa FINER12244/09 female brown      
Foogel Lionella FINER12245/09 female brown      
Foogel Luciana FINER12246/09 female brown      
Foogel Luna Leggera FINER12247/09 female brown      

2009.05.07, Jet-Set's Cute And Curly FINER45042/06 orange D    
Jet-Set's Dennis-Dreamdog FINER35720/09 male brown      
Jet-Set's Go-Gustav FINER35721/09 male brown      
Jet-Set's Hair-Harry FINER35722/09 male brownroan      
Jet-Set's Elaborate-Elmer FINER35723/09 male brown      
Jet-Set's Lucy-Lovedog FINER35724/09 female brown      
Jet-Set's Diamond-Daisy FINER35725/09 female brownroan      
Jet-Set's Woolley-Winnie FINER35726/09 female brown      
Jet-Set's Happy-Hyacinth FINER35727/09 female brown      

2009.08.23, Budoar Viola FINER26182/03 orange with white D    
Tarry-Gnome's Yussi FINER52198/09 male Brown with white      
Tarry-Gnome's Yosefina FINER52199/09 female Brown with white      
Tarry-Gnome's Yolanda FINER52200/09 female brownroan      
Tarry-Gnome's Yuissi FINER52201/09 female brownroan      
Tarry-Gnome's Yustina FINER52202/09 female Brown with white      

2009.08.30, Suniloxi Fiorella FINER39718/07 orange D --  
Suniloxi Rolfo FINER51618/09 male brown      
Suniloxi Ruben FINER51619/09 male Brown with white      
Suniloxi Romie FINER51620/09 male Brown with white      
Suniloxi Rosalia FINER51621/09 female Brown with white      

2009.09.08, Tarry-Gnome's Athene FINER43789/07 brown D --  
Pull Moon Firefly FINER55023/09 male white with brown      
Pull Moon Licketsplit FINER55024/09 male white with brown      
Pull Moon Skippetydoo FINER55025/09 female brown      
Pull Moon Tic Tac Toe FINER55026/09 female white with brown      
Pull Moon Hippity Hop FINER55027/09 male Brown with white      
Pull Moon Scoot A Loo FINER55028/09 male Brown with white      
Pull Moon Sweet Stuff FINER55029/09 male brown   --  
Pull Moon Whistke Wishes FINER55030/09 male brown      
Pull Moon Toola Roola FINER55031/09 female Brown with white      
Pull Moon Tink A Tinka Too FINER55032/09 male white with brown      

Budoar Magdalena FINER54063/06 2006.10.28 female   B --  
Budoar Maximilian FINER54064/06 2006.10.28 male        
Budoar Malik FINER54065/01 2006.10.28 male        
Budoar Manuel FINER54066/06 2006.10.28 male   A --  
Budoar Marcel FINER54067/06 2006.10.28 male        
Budoar Mortimer FINER54069/06 2006.10.28 male        

Half siblings from father:
Deelee Bambini Belladonna   . . female        
Deelee Alfonso   . . male        
Budoar Donna FINER45338/06 2006.07.30 female        
Budoar Dolores FINER45339/06 2006.07.30 female   B    
Budoar Daniela FINER45340/06 2006.07.30 female        
Budoar Dana FINER45341/06 2006.07.30 female        
Budoar Deivid FINER45342/06 2006.07.30 male        
Budoar Donovan FINER45343/06 2006.07.30 male        
Lystimäen Bea FINER18890/07 2007.02.06 female brown      
Lystimäen Billan FINER18891/07 2007.02.06 female brown      
Lystimäen Bamsee FINER18892/07 2007.02.06 male brown      
Lystimäen Bruno FINER18893/07 2007.02.06 male brown      
Lystimäen Brutus FINER18894/07 2007.02.06 male brown      
Lystimäen Bosse FINER18895/07 2007.02.06 male brown      
Tartufo Belladonna 2100252735 . . female Brown with white C --  
Tartufo Erina 2100261064 . . female Brown with white      
Greydove Pasqua Shiana 2100292883 2009.04.12 female brown B --  
Tartufo Orsino   2009.05.20 male   B --  
Tartufo Oregano 2100300319LR 2009.05.20 male brown      
Tartufo Tiziana   2010.05.05 female     --  
Duoforza Tivoli 2100350443 2011.10.11 female brown A --  

Half siblings from mother:
Budoar Mendelson FINER47986/05 2005.08.25 male brown      
Budoar Monalisa FINER47987/05 2005.08.25 female brown A    
Budoar Monica FINER47988/05 2005.08.25 female brown B    
Budoar Melinda FINER47989/05 2005.08.25 female brownroan