Name of dog:
Apollo (Govi)    
Pedigree number:
LIR05/127602 MET Lagotto 2/H/06
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Alexander (Anconelli) LIRRC96L4897 brown C     Omer (Scantamburlo) LIRRC95L3678       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A     - -
- -
Beba (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2194       - -
- -
Nelli (Scantamburlo) LIRRC95L3798       Erico (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2844       Birbo (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2059       -
Cleopatra (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2285       -
Florenz (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2842       Birbo (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2059       -
Gaia (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2074       -
Asia (Quercia) LIR03/144757 white with brown B     Roll (Ferlini) LIR99/67888 white with brown B     Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white       - -
- -
Bianchina (Ferlini) LIRLA90L0182 LIRRC93L2094       - -
- -
Linda delle Farnie LIR99/123120 brownroan       Ken delle Farnie LIRRC97L5575 S36390/99 brownroan       Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan       Clean (Bernabei) LIRRC93L1879      
Tress LIRRC93L1758      
Dasy LIRRC94L3176 LOIRC158780 FINER38160/98 brown       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Mandy LIRRC94L3159      
Brix (Gelsi) LIRRC97L5585 white with orange       Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B     Kim LIRRC94L3366      
Milly LIRRC94L3472      
Muschina (Bosi) LIRRC93L1719       Pali LIRRC93L2138      
Kira (Bosi) LIRRC93L2082      

2007.05.06, Gida di Crival LIR04/75728 COR1-05/298 white with brown      
Arby (Ivan Let) COR3-07/298 male white with brown      
Abby (Ivan Let) COR4-07/298 male white with brown      
Athos (Ivan Let) COR5-07/298 male brown      
Audy (Ivan Let) COR6-07/298 male brown      
Aria (Ivan Let) COR7-07/298 female white with brown      
Alma (Ivan Let) COR8-07/298 female brown      

Astro (Govi) LIR05/127600 2005.06.09 male white with brown      
Aurora (Govi) LIR05/127605 2005.06.09 female Brown with white      
Alaska (Govi) LIR05/127606 2005.06.09 female white      
Alexia (Govi) LIR05/127609 2005.06.09 female brown      
Alis (Govi) LIR05/127610 2005.06.09 female white with brown      

Half siblings from father:
Sansone (Govi) LIR01/136556 2001.05.20 male brownroan      
Pallina (Govi) LIR01/136557 2001.05.20 female brownroan      
Muffy (Govi) LIR01/136558 2001.05.20 female brownroan      
Saetta (Govi) LIR01/136559 2001.05.20 female white with brown      
Eclisse (Govi) LIR01/136560 2001.05.20 male brown      
Cacao (Govi) LIR01/136561 2001.05.20 male brown      
Millo (Govi) LIR01/136562 2001.05.20 male brown      
Laika (Govi) LIR01/136563 2001.05.20 female brown      
Zara (Borgonovi) LIR05/137367 2005.06.13 female Brown with white      
Bongo (Borgonovi) LIR05/137370 2005.06.13 male Brown with white      
Ringo (Borgonovi) LIR05/137371 2005.06.13 male Brown with white      
Morpheus (Federici) LIR05/127675 2005.06.13 male brown      
Lando (Mancini) LIR06/73812 2006.01.22 male white with brown      
Leon (Mancini) LIR06/73813 2006.01.22 male Brown with white      
Linus (Mancini) LIR06/73815 2006.01.22 male brown      
Luna (Mancini) LIR06/73818 2006.01.22 female white with brown      
Lulu' (Mancini) LIR06/73821 2006.01.22 female brown      
Olga (Mancini) LIR07/39717 2006.08.21 female brown      
Oriella (Mancini) LIR07/39720 2006.08.21 female Brown with white      
Ornella (Mancini) LIR07/39722 2006.08.21 female brownroan      
Otto (Mancini) LIR07/39724 2006.08.21 male brown      
Oscar (Mancini) LIR07/39726 2006.08.21 male brown      
Osvaldo (Mancini) LIR07/39728 2006.08.21 male brown      
Puzzola (Mancini) LIR08/12499 2006.09.28 female brown      
Pepe (Mancini) LIR08/12500 2006.09.28 male white with brown      
Porthos (Mancini) LIR08/12501 2006.09.28 male brownroan      
Pino (Mancini) LIR08/12502 2006.09.28 male brown      
Paco (Mancini) LIR08/12503 2006.09.28 male brown      
Pancho (Mancini) LIR08/12504 2006.09.28 male brown      
Pele' (Mancini) LIR08/12505 2006.09.28 male brown      
Queen Milka (Mancini) LIR08/12506 2006.09.30 female brown      
Queen Elisabeth (Mancini) LIR08/12507 2006.09.30 female white with brown      

Half siblings from mother:
Golia (Govi) LIR08/72346 2007.07.11 male white with brown      
Eolo (Govi) LIR08/72347 2007.07.11 male white with brown      
Taro (Govi) LIR08/72348 2007.07.11 male brownroan      
Sissy (Govi) LIR08/72350 2007.07.11 female white with brown      
Chicca (Govi) LIR08/72352 2007.07.11 female brownroan      
Kira (Govi) LIR08/72353 2007.07.11 female brownroan      
Milu' (Govi) LIR10/40650 2009.05.04 female white with brown      
Minu' (Govi) LIR10/40651 2009.05.04 female white with brown      
Zagor (Govi) LIR10/40656 2009.05.04 male white with brown      
Zorro (Govi) LIR10/40657 2009.05.04 male white with brown      
Tex (Govi) LIR10/40659 2009.05.04 male white with brown      
Misterino (Govi) LIR10/40661 2009.05.04 male white with brown