Name of dog:
Giove (Ciacci)    
Pedigree number:
LIR00/87159 S56533/2001
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Tino LIRRC93L1255       Billy LIRRC93L2747       Pippo LIRRC93L2067       - -
- -
Molli LIRRC93L2201       - -
- -
Laika LIRRC93L2404       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Kelly LIRRC93L1449       Kitti LIRRC93L2343       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Lilla LIRRC93L2359       - - -
- -
- - -
- -

2002.06.01, Cobby's Cirena S28577/99 white with orange A    
Bonebreakers Coppertino S40802/2002 male Brown with white C    
Bonebreakers Compagnone S40803/2002 male Brown with white B    
Bonebreakers Cialda S40804/2002 female Brown with white A --  
Bonebreakers Condiscendenza S40805/2002 female Brown with white B    

2004.01.06, Cobby's Indipendenza S15823/98 brown B    
Bonebreakers Efficienza S15646/2004 female brown B    
Bonebreakers Eccellenza S15647/2004 female brown B    
Bonebreakers Energetica S15648/2004 female brown B    
Bonebreakers Eminente S15649/2004 male brown B    
Bonebreakers Esclamativo S15650/2004 male brown A    
Bonebreakers Esclusivo S15651/2004 male white with brown B    
Bonebreakers Espressivo S15652/2004 male brown B    
Bonebreakers Entusiasmo S15653/2004 male white with brown B    

2004.11.30, Mandaraban Mezzaluna FINER15540/02 white with orange A +-  
Boogieman's Buona Sera FINER52285/04 female Brown with white C    
Boogieman's Buona Notte FINER52286/04 female Brown with white A --  
Boogieman's Buon Anno Nuovo FINER52287/04 male brown A    
Boogieman's Buon Natale FINER52288/04 male Brown with white C --  
Boogieman's Buon Riposo FINER52289/04 male white with brown C    
Boogieman's Buongiorno FINER52290/04 male white with brown C    

2005.09.17, Imperie's Mocca Mo'Hanah S57608/2001 brown A    
Imperie's Mo'hanas Oliver S62085/2005 male brown A    
Imperie's Mo'hanas Opus S62086/2005 male brownroan C    
Imperie's Mo'hanas Octavia S62087/2005 female brown C    
Imperie's Mo'hanas Ofelia S62088/2005 female brown B    
Imperie's Mo'hanas Olivia S62089/2005 female brown A    

2007.07.02, Nittini's Opera Aida N09704/05 S13473/2006 brownroan A    
Hesiodos Filippa Flay S51537/2007 female brown C    
Hesiodos Fufa Fina S51538/2007 female white with brown      
Hesiodos Felice Fiamma S51539/2007 female white with brown A    
Hesiodos Frecia Flasch S51540/2007 female white with brown C    
Hesiodos Fantasma Falina S51541/2007 female white with brown      

Principessa (Ciacci) LIR00/87164 2000.04.11 female brown      
Aurora (Ciacci) LIR01/79875 SHSBA05807 2000.11.15 female brown      

Half siblings from father:

Half siblings from mother:
Mirella (Ciacci) LIR99/10411 S30862/99 1998.06.16 female white with brown      
Ester (Ciacci) LIR99/10414 1998.06.16 female brownroan      
Mirca (Ciacci) LIR99/10416 1998.06.16 female white with brown      
Omar (Ciacci) LIR99/10417 1998.06.16 male white      
Olimpia (Ciacci) LIR99/10418 1998.06.16 female brownroan      
Odessa (Ciacci) LIR99/10419 1998.06.16 female white      
Oxa (Ciacci) LIR99/10420 1998.06.16 female brownroan      
Victor (Ciacci) LIR99/10422 1998.06.16 male brownroan      
Alfio della Metaurense LIR02/2458 2001.09.27 male white with brown B    
Bianca della Metaurense LIR02/2459 2001.09.27 female white B    
Tita della Metaurense LIR02/2460 2001.09.27 female white      
Cesira della Metaurense LIR02/2461 2001.09.27 female white with brown      
Marta della Metaurense LIR02/2462 2001.09.27 female white with brown      
Mira della Metaurense LIR02/2463 2001.09.27 female white with brown      
Biba della Metaurense LIR02/2464 NHSB2350876 2001.09.27 female white with brown A