Name of dog:
Larissa Emilia of Golden Comfort    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Brown with white
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Cry Out Cagliostro LIR02/30645 SHSB615133 brown and tan B --   Vid delle Farnie LIRRC96L4636 LOI99/65851 brown B --   Apache (Landi) LIRRC94L3235       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       -
Ledi (Landi) LIRRC93L2238       Jack (Landi) LIRRC93L2185 white      
Milu' (Landi) LIRRC93L2115      
Dina LIRRC93L1311       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       -
Assia delle Farnie LIRRC96L4723 white with orange B     Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan       Clean (Bernabei) LIRRC93L1879       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Talin (Rabitti) LIRRC93L2166      
Tress LIRRC93L1758       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Lady LIRRC93L2379      
Ofris (Rabitti) LIRRC93L1674 LOIRC158782       Bill LIRRC93L2349       -
Tali' (Rabitti) LIRRC93L2164       -
Scheffelfältets Emilia Elletta S56498/99 SHSBA05163 Brown with white B     Fiocco di Casa Cleo LIRRC97L5090 S40897/97 brownroan       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       - -
- -
Era LIRRC94L3409       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Rosi LIRRC93L2300       -
Dana delle Farnie LIR98/71279 S51601/99 white with brown A     Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B     Kim LIRRC94L3366       Fiocco LIRRC93L1754      
Furia LIRRC93L1451      
Milly LIRRC94L3472       Ferro LIRRC93L1752      
Chira LIRRC93L1750      
Rea (Landi) LIRRC95L3971 white with brown       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       -
Tilli (Zini) LIRRC93L1593       Tim (Zini) LIRRC93L2560 LOIRC159290 brown A    
Teresina (Zini) LIRRC93L2084      


Leonardo Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB623691 2003.08.24 male brown and tan      
Lorenzo Emilo of Golden Comfort SHSB623692 2003.08.24 female brownroan      
Lana Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623693 2003.08.24 female brownroan      
Laura Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623695 2003.08.24 female brown and tan      
Liliana Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623696 2003.08.24 female brownroan      
Lorena Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623697 2003.08.24 female brownroan      
Lucia Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623698 2003.08.24 female brown and tan      
Lucilla Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB623699 2003.08.24 female brown      
Riccardo Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB637942 2005.01.11 female brownroan      
Ricco Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB637943 2005.01.11 male brownroan      
Robino Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB637944 2005.01.11 male brownroan      
Roero Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB637945 2005.01.11 male brownroan      
Raja Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB637946 2005.01.11 female        
Romea Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB637947 2005.01.11 female white with brown B --  
Ronja Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB637948 2005.01.11 female brown B --  
Teisa Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB648511 VDH08/142Ü0267 2006.01.06 female brown A --  
Tatina Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB648512 2006.01.06 female brownroan B --  
Tessa Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB648513 2006.01.06 female brownroan      
Xantino Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB654634 2006.07.20 male brown      
Xaverio Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB654635 2006.07.20 male brownroan      
Xavero Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB654636 2006.07.20 male brown and tan      

Half siblings from father:
Camino Amici per Sempre SHSB627450 2004.01.09 male brown      
Cappucino Amici per Sempre SHSB627451 2004.01.09 male brownroan      
Caro Cagliostro Amici per Sempre SHSB627452 2004.01.09 male brownroan B -- --
Chiaro Amici per Sempre SHSB627453 2004.01.09 male brownroan      
Chicco Doro Amici per Sempre SHSB627454 2004.01.09 male brownroan A    
Ciocco Amici per Sempre SHSB627455 2004.01.09 male brown A -- --
Ciuffo Amici per Sempre SHSB627456 2004.01.09 male brownroan B    
Ennio Tartufo Amici per Sempre SHSB639287 2005.03.10 male brown      
Etoile Cagliostro Amici per Sempre SHSB639288 2005.03.10 male brown B    
Eny Amici per Sempre SHSB639289 2005.03.10 female brownroan B -- --
Erja Tara Luna Amici per Sempre SHSB639290 2005.03.10 female brown B -- --
Esta Alischa Amici per Sempre SHSB639291 2005.03.10 female brown B -- --
Eyla Eika Amici per Sempre SHSB639292 2005.03.10 female brownroan      
Amaru del Sogno del Bosco SHSB641022 2005.04.29 male brown D    
Andro del Sogno del Bosco SHSB641023 2005.04.29 male brown      
Ambra del Sogno del Bosco SHSB641024 2005.04.29 female brown B --  
Amira del Sogno del Bosco SHSB641025 2005.04.29 female brownroan A --  
Aviva del Sogno del Bosco SHSB641026 2005.04.29 female brownroan      
Astrobaleno Aleno Aleo SHSB642364 2005.05.31 male white with brown      
Astrobaleno Africa Alea SHSB642365 2005.05.31 female brown B --  
Astrobaleno Alba Alea SHSB642366 2005.05.31 female white      
Astrobaleno Asia Alea SHSB642367 2005.05.31 female brown      
Astrobaleno Aura Alea SHSB642368 2005.05.31 female brown      
Astrobaleno Ava Alea SHSB642369 2005.05.31 female white with brown      
Cielo della Strega del Bosco SHSB642370 2005.07.01 male white      
Primo Cagliostro of Golden Comfort SHSB643786 2005.08.08 male brown and tan      
Primo Taro of Golden Comfort SHSB643787 2005.08.08 male brown      
Prima Estella of Golden Comfort SHSB643788 2005.08.08 female orange      
Prima Pompea of Golden Comfort SHSB643789 2005.08.08 female brownroan      
Prima Tara of Golden Comfort SHSB643790 2005.08.08 female brown and tan      
Vanunjo Kleo of Golden Comfort SHSB646117 2005.11.04 male brownroan      
Victorio Kleo of Golden Comfort SHSB646118 2005.11.04 male brownroan      
Vittorio Kleo of Golden Comfort SHSB646119 2005.11.04 male brownroan      
Valentina Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB646120 2005.11.04 female brown      
Valexa Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB646121 2005.11.04 female brown      
Vanja Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB646122 2005.11.04 female brown B --  
Ghiro del Amici per Sempre SHSB649871 2006.04.07 male brownroan A    
Grande Punto del Amici per Sempre SHSB649872 2006.04.07 male brownroan      
Grappo del Amici per Sempre SHSB649873 2006.04.07 male brown      
Gréccio del Amici per Sempre SHSB649874 2006.04.07 male brown B -- --
Gemma del Amici per Sempre SHSB649875 2006.04.07 female brownroan A    
Gioia del Amici per Sempre SHSB649876 2006.04.07 female brown      
Gitana del Amici per Sempre SHSB649877 2006.04.07 female brown B    
Giulia del Amici per Sempre SHSB649878 2006.04.07 female brown      
Wakiro Kleo of Golden Comfort SHSB660914 2007.03.20 male white with orange A --  
Walco Kleo of Golden Comfort SHSB660915 2007.03.20 male white with orange      
Wanda Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB660916 2007.03.20 female brown and tan      
Wanja Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB660917 2007.03.20 female brownroan B    
Wendy Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB660918 2007.03.20 female brownroan      
Wenja Klea of Golden Comfort SHSB660919 2007.03.20 female brownroan A --  
Attila di Lagottimo SHSB678950 2009.01.09 male white with brown      
Avanti di Lagottimo SHSB678951 2009.01.09 male brown      
Agata Lilli di Lagottimo SHSB678952 2009.01.09 female brownroan      
Aina Lotta di Lagottimo SHSB678953 2009.01.09 female brown      
Camiro dell' Arco di Rosa SHSB683384 2009.06.05 male brown      
Cino dell' Arco di Rosa SHSB683385 2009.06.05 male white with orange      
Cippo dell' Arco di Rosa SHSB683386 2009.06.05 male white with orange      
Camira dell' Arco di Rosa SHSB683387 2009.06.05 female brown      
Cipsi-Cilla dell' Arco di Rosa SHSB683388 2009.06.05 female white with brown      
Icare du Rostère SHSB686373 2009.10.05 male white with brown      
Iglou du Rostère SHSB686374 2009.10.05 male white with brown      
Igor du Rostère SHSB686375 2009.10.05 male white with brown      
Ilko du Rostère SHSB686376 2009.10.05 male white with brown B +-  
Ingo du Rostère SHSB686377 2009.10.05 male white with orange      
Isy du Rostère SHSB686378 2009.10.05 female white with orange      
Comes Cordis Qiao VDH10/1420435 2010.06.02 male white      
Comes Cordis Quaid VDH10/1420436 2010.06.02 male brown      
Comes Cordis Quirin VDH10/1420437 2010.06.02 male brown      
Comes Cordis Quirl VDH10/1420438 2010.06.02 male brownroan      
Comes Cordis Quaama VDH10/1420439 2010.06.02 female white      
Comes Cordis Quecksilber VDH10/1420440 2010.06.02 female brown      
Comes Cordis Quillaya VDH10/1420441 2010.06.02 female brown      
Comes Cordis Quinte VDH10/1420442 2010.06.02 female orange      
Comes Cordis Quintessenz VDH10/1420443 2010.06.02 female brown      
Comes Cordis Quipolly VDH10/1420444 2010.06.02 female white      
Quaciëndas Bronzi Acqualanga NHSB2824888 2011.01.18 male        
Quaciëndas Ziti Acqualagna NHSB2824889 2011.01.18 female        
Quaciëndas Marille Acqualagna NHSB2824890 2011.01.18 female        
Quaciëndas Eliche Acqualagna nhsb2824891 2011.01.18 female        
Leora Typhia of Golden Comfort   2011.09.06 female brown A -- --
Lestro Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.09.06 male white with brown      
Leon Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.09.06 male brown and tan      
Miron Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 male white with orange      
Marzio Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 male white with brown      
Maximo Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 male brownroan      
Muraco Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 male white with orange      
Malina Delia of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 female white with orange      
Malisa Delia of Golden Comfort   2011.10.31 female white with orange      
Onesto Cagliostro of Golden Comfort   2012.05.07 male brown and tan      
Onesto Oreo of Golden Comfort   2012.05.07 male brown and tan      
Onesto Odin of Golden Comfort   2012.05.07 male brown and tan      
Onesta Typhia of Golden Comfort   2012.05.07 female white with orange      
Onesta Ornella of Golden Comfort   2012.05.07 female brown and tan      

Half siblings from mother:
Salvo Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB606633 2001.12.21 male brownroan      
Saro Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB606634 2001.12.21 male brownroan      
Sergino Emilo of Golden Comfort SHSB606635 2001.12.21 male brown      
Sergio Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB606636 2001.12.21 male brown      
Silas Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB606637 2001.12.21 male white with brown A    
Siro Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB606638 2001.12.21 male brown and tan      
Sera Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB606639 2001.12.21 female brownroan      
Stella Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB606640 2001.12.21 female white with brown      
Karo Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB617417 2003.01.25 male brownroan      
Kenzo Emilio of Golden Comfort SHSB617418 2003.01.25 male brownroan      
Kaya Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB617419 2003.01.25 female brownroan      
Kiara Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB617420 2003.01.25 female brownroan B    
Kira Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB617421 2003.01.25 female white with brown      
Kisha Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB617422 2003.01.25 female brownroan      
Klea Emilia of Golden Comfort SHSB617423 2003.01.25 female brownroan A --