Name of dog:
Cobby's Colomba    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Alan del Ginestreto LIR98/149859 S23859/99 white with brown       Bobi LIRRC96L4517       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Levi LIRRC94L3553       Dick (Zavagli) LIRRC93L1681 LOI99/76624 white       - -
- -
Ula LIRRC93L2116       - -
- -
Cobby's C-Tartufo Di Cioccolata S14628/96 brown A     Ivan LIRRC95L3729 S28922/95 brown D     Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Duna (Landi) LIRRC93L2114       -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       - -
- -
Caterina LIRRC95L3629 S28988/95 white with orange A     Dick (Zavagli) LIRRC93L1681 LOI99/76624 white       - -
- -
Ary LIRRC93L1654       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Chicca (Billi) LIRRC93L2350       -

2004.04.20, Gerry (Re D'Abruzzo) LIRRC97L5448 S52146/97 brown A    
Paper Moon's Leonis N10514/04 male brown      
Paper Moon's Lepista Nuda N10515/04 male brown      
Paper Moon's Luscina N10516/04 female brown A    
Paper Moon's Laccata N10517/04 female brown A    
Paper Moon's Laurilia Lava N10518/04 female brown A    

2005.05.22, Trillyvid delle Farnie LIR01/140896 DK22274/2004 S57470/2005 brown A --  
Willa Lavollen's Gaimbi N16908/05 male brown A    
Willa Lavollen's Zarek N16909/05 S55241/2005 male Brown with white B    
Willa Lavollen's Zantos N16910/05 male brown A    
Willa Lavollen's Zandra N16911/05 S56280/2005 female Brown with white A    
Willa Lavollen's Ziw N16912/05 female brown      
Willa Lavollen's Zara N16913/05 female brown A    

2007.02.24, Toshiko's Tru-Mu Jåppe N10298/05 brown B    
Willa Lavollen's Figaro N07730/07 male brown      
Willa Lavollen's Otello N07731/07 male brown      
Willa Lavollen's Rosmira N07732/07 female brown      
Willa Lavollen's Aida N07733/07 female brown A    
Willa Lavollen's Vilja N07734/07 female brown      

Cobby's Colombo S29417/2000 2000.04.01 male brown      
Cobby's Colonizzatore S29418/2000 2000.04.01 male brown      
Cobby's Compagno S29419/2000 2000.04.01 male brown      
Cobby's Confetto S29420/2000 2000.04.01 male brown A    
Cobby's Consuela S29422/2000 2000.04.01 female brown      
Cobby's Costanza S29423/2000 2000.04.01 female brown B    

Half siblings from father:
Gromit S58765/2001 2001.10.27 male white with brown      
Teebo S58766/2001 2001.10.27 male white with brown      
Bamse S58767/2001 2001.10.27 male white with brown      
Pondus S58768/2001 2001.10.27 male white with brown A    
Cecar S58769/2001 2001.10.27 male white with brown      
Roughrider's Chet Baker S46703/2004 2004.06.03 male brownroan      
Roughrider's Joe Morello S46704/2004 2004.06.03 male white with brown      
Roughrider's Stan Gete S46705/2004 2004.06.03 male white with brown      
Roughrider's Leroy Vinnegar S46706/2004 2004.06.03 male brownroan      
Roughrider's Anita O'Day S46707/2004 2004.06.03 female white with brown A    
Roughrider's Peggy Lee S46708/2004 2004.06.03 female white with brown B    
Roughrider's Nanni Porres S46709/2004 2004.06.03 female white with brown      

Half siblings from mother:
Cobby's CaffĂ© Espresso S15824/98 1998.01.28 male brown B    
Cobby's Candito S15825/98 1998.01.28 male white with orange B    
Cobby's Cioccolatino S15826/98 1998.01.28 male brown      
Cobby's Cappucina S15827/98 1998.01.28 female brown B    
Cobby's Ciocco-Ciocco S15828/98 1998.01.28 female brown C    
Cobby's C-Pannacotta S15829/98 1998.01.28 female white with orange A    
Lägdens Chocolatecake S18877/99 1999.02.09 male brown A    
Lägdens Chocolatedrink S18878/99 1999.02.09 male brown A    
Lägdens Creamcake S18879/99 1999.02.09 male white with orange B    
Lägdens Chocolatecream S18880/99 1999.02.09 female brown C    
Lägdens Chocolatemint S18881/99 1999.02.09 female brown A    
Lägdens Creamcaramel S18882/99 1999.02.09 female orange B    
Lägdens Maldini S29972/2002 2002.04.09 male brown      
Lägdens Montella S29973/2002 2002.04.09 male brown      
Lägdens Materazzi S29974/2002 2002.04.09 male brown      
Lägdens Mancini S29975/2002 2002.04.09 male brown      
Lägdens Macaroni S29976/2002 2002.04.09 male orange A    
Lägdens Melodia S29977/2002 2002.04.09 female brown      
Lägdens Marionetta S29978/2002 2002.04.09 female brown B    
Lägdens Montagna S29979/2002 2002.04.09 female white with orange      
Cobby's Cicerone S41043/2003 2003.05.16 male brown C    
Cobby's Colonnello S41044/2003 2003.05.16 male brown      
Cobby's Comandante S41045/2003 2003.05.16 male brown      
Cobby's Competitore S41046/2003 2003.05.16 male brown B    
Cobby's Colombina S41047/2003 2003.05.16 female brown C    
Cobby's Concertista S41048/2003 DK16479/2003 2003.05.16 female brown B    
Cobby's Concretezza S41049/2003 2003.05.16 female brown      
Cobby's Confeetura S41050/2003 2003.05.16 female brown B    
Cobby's Cornelia S41051/2003 2003.05.16 female brown