Name of dog:
Cobby's Atleta    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
white with brown
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Paco (Billi) LIR02/24905 S28151/2003 white with brown D     Naxos delle Farnie LOI99/22156 white with brown A     Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan       Clean (Bernabei) LIRRC93L1879       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Talin (Rabitti) LIRRC93L2166      
Tress LIRRC93L1758       Waldo (Scantamburlo) LIRLA90L0104 LIRRC93L2054 white with brown A    
Lady LIRRC93L2379      
Tali' delle Farnie LOI98/8725 white with brown       Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B     Kim LIRRC94L3366      
Milly LIRRC94L3472      
Ofris (Rabitti) LIRRC93L1674 LOIRC158782       Bill LIRRC93L2349      
Tali' (Rabitti) LIRRC93L2164      
Tea (Billi) LIR00/66849 white with brown B     - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Cobby's Alleanza S52403/2000 white with brown B     Roughrider's Navy Cut S59076/96 white with brown D     Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       - -
- -
India LIRRC95L3736 S28923/95 white with brown D     Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white      
Duna (Landi) LIRRC93L2114      
Penny LIRRC93L2436       -
Ada LIRRC93L1652 S18119/2000 brown A     Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       - -
- -
Chicca (Billi) LIRRC93L2350       - -
- -


Cobby's Artista S37054/2004 2004.04.15 male white with brown      
Cobby's Accadémia S37056/2004 2004.04.15 female brownroan      
Cobby's Agenda S37057/2004 2004.04.15 female white with brown A    
Cobby's Alba S37058/2004 2004.04.15 female white with orange C    
Cobby's Arianna S37059/2004 2004.04.15 female brownroan A    

Half siblings from father:
Tête Noir Greco Di Tufo S59333/2003 2003.09.18 male brownroan C    
Tête Noir Moscato D'Asti Bricco S59334/2003 2003.09.18 male white with brown C    
Tête Noir Bardolino Classico S59335/2003 2003.09.18 male brown B    
Tête Noir Toselli S59336/2003 2003.09.18 male white with orange B    
Tête Noir Monrubio Rosso S59337/2003 2003.09.18 male brown C    
Tête Noir Fontana Candida S59338/2003 2003.09.18 female white with orange A    
Tête Noir Lambrusco Dell'Emilia S59339/2003 2003.09.18 female white with orange B    
Tête Noir Saffredi S59340/2003 2003.09.18 female orange B    
Tête Noir Musella Valpolicella S59341/2003 2003.09.18 female white with brown B    
Tête Noir Melini Chianti S59342/2003 2003.09.18 female brownroan      
Tête Noir Ca'Bianca Barbaresco S59343/2003 2003.09.18 female brown      
Varpelidens E-Picaroon Kalle S19354/2004 2004.01.29 male white with brown      
Varpelidens E-Pal Benzon S19355/2004 2004.01.29 male white with brown D    
Varpelidens E-Pinto Totti S19356/2004 2004.01.29 male white with brown D    
Varpelidens E-Peppe Love S19357/2004 2004.01.29 male brown      
Varpelidens E-Panther S19358/2004 2004.01.29 male brownroan      
Varpelidens E-Posy Poxy S19359/2004 2004.01.29 female brown      
Varpelidens E-Pretty Poppet S19360/2004 2004.01.29 female white with brown C    
Varpelidens K-Promise Tizzot S22230/2004 2004.02.10 male brown      
Varpelidens K-Plunderer Gotte S22231/2004 2004.02.10 male white with brown B    
Varpelidens K-Pride Servanto S22232/2004 2004.02.10 male brown      
Varpelidens K-Pumpkin Gonzo S22233/2004 2004.02.10 male brown      
Varpelidens K-Potter Ben S22234/2004 2004.02.10 male brown      
Cobby's Pacchetto S69711/2004 2004.11.12 male white with brown D    
Cobby's Padrino S69712/2004 2004.11.12 male white with brown      
Cobby's Paladino S69713/2004 2004.11.12 male white with brown E    
Cobby's Polenta S69714/2004 2004.11.12 female white with orange      
Cobby's Presenza S69715/2004 2004.11.12 female white with brown C    
Cobby's Principessa S69716/2004 2004.11.12 female white with brown E    

Half siblings from mother:
Cobby's Accento S43912/2003 2003.06.06 male brownroan      
Cobby's Arlecchina S43913/2003 2003.06.06 female brownroan A    
Cobby's Apprezzata S43914/2003 LOI04/73109 2003.06.06 female brown A    
Cobby's Avana S43915/2003 2003.06.06 female brown C    
Cobby's Averna S43916/2003 2003.06.06 female brown A