Name of dog:
Tressy (Scalini M.)    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Kuman delle Farnie LIR05/20329 white with brown       Tim delle Farnie LOI00/124542 Brown with white       Tim (Zini) LIRRC93L2560 LOIRC159290 brown A     Brek (Samorini) LIRRC93L2207 CIL 030 brown       -
Dea (Zini) LIRRC93L2077 white with brown       -
Bessy delle Farnie LOI98/77915 brownroan       Lux (Bernabei) LIRRC94L3475 LOIRC158779 brownroan       Clean (Bernabei) LIRRC93L1879      
Tress LIRRC93L1758      
Hydra delle Farnie LIRRC95L3894 LOIRC160776       Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white      
Dasy LIRRC94L3176 LOIRC158780 FINER38160/98 brown      
Flossy delle Farnie LIR00/22990 white with brown B     Tao (Sartoni Giu.) LIRRC95L4054 white with orange       Popolano Luki LIRRC93L1800       Ali LIRRC93L2034      
Popolano Flai LIRRC93L2241      
Daisy LIRRC93L2168       -
Popolano Ledi LIRRC93L1705 B     Popolano Tom LIRRC93L2246       Lampo LIRRC93L2232      
Daisy LIRRC93L2168      
Popolano Lola LIRRC93L2249       Ali LIRRC93L2034      
Zara LIRRC93L2200      
Osama (Scalini S.) LIR03/111317 brown       Aster (Caldari) LIR01/143125 brown       Maro (Sapienza) LIRRC95L4105 white with brown       Popolano Argo LIRRC93L2244       Lampo LIRRC93L2232      
Daisy LIRRC93L2168      
Mara LIRRC93L1502       Popolano Tom LIRRC93L2246      
Lilla LIRRC93L2332      
Beba (D'Aquilante) LIR98/112588 brownroan       Willy LIRRC96L4236       Filippo (Zini) LIRRC93L2566      
Lady LIRRC93L2821      
Mora (Marangoni Se.) LIRRC96L4469 brownroan       Tommi (Morara) LIRRC93L2047      
Tea LIRRC94L3455      
Teresina (Zini) LIRRC95L4001 brown       Tim (Zini) LIRRC93L2560 LOIRC159290 brown A     Brek (Samorini) LIRRC93L2207 CIL 030 brown       -
Dea (Zini) LIRRC93L2077 white with brown       -
Teresina (Zini) LIRRC93L2084       - -
- -

2009.05.03, Ippolitoingombrante dell'Irta Favola LIR08/102907 white with orange      
Solid Gold's Woodo   male white with orange      
Solid Gold's Wynona ÖHZB/LAR12/REG female white A    

Pippo (Scalini M.) LIR08/101900 2007.10.28 male white with brown      
Lola (Scalini M.) LIR08/101905 2007.10.28 female brownroan      
Mora (Scalini M.) LIR08/101909 2007.10.28 female brown      
Tommy (Scalini M.) LIR08/101911 2007.10.28 male white      

Half siblings from father:
Rocky (Scalini M.) LIR08/21116 2007.05.24 male white      
Terry (Scalini M.) LIR08/21119 2007.05.24 female white with brown      
Rosy (Scalini M.) LIR08/21122 2007.05.24 female white      
Kira (Landuzzi) LIR08/97970 2007.09.07 female brownroan      
Charlie (Landuzzi) LIR08/97976 2007.09.07 male white      
Kelly (Landuzzi) LIR08/97980 2007.09.07 female brownroan      
Flo' (Landuzzi) LIR08/97993 2007.09.07 female brownroan      
Arax (Landuzzi) LIR08/97996 2007.09.07 female brownroan      
Rex (Landuzzi) LIR08/97997 2007.09.07 male brownroan      
Pepe (Benedetti) LIR09/32951 2008.05.07 male white with brown      
Cico (Benedetti) LIR09/32952 2008.05.07 male brownroan      
Ringo (Benedetti) LIR09/32955 2008.05.07 male brownroan      
Birba (Benedetti) LIR09/32956 2008.05.07 female brownroan      

Half siblings from mother: