Name of dog:
Scheffelfältets Bello Brando    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Febo (Zaffagnini) LIR00/18040 S57452/2001 brownroan C     Pepe (Macchiavelli) LIRRC93L2654 LOI02/24353 white with brown A     Pippo LIRRC93L2067       - -
- -
Meri LIRRC93L2085       - -
- -
Lara (Zaffagnini) LIRRC93L2192       - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Pallina di Casa Cleo LIR98/127492 S52118/98 brown       Silver (Landi) LIRRC95L4038 LOI99/32244 white with brown       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       - -
- -
Erika LIRRC93L1428       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Gaia LIRRC93L2001       -
Maga (Landi) LIRRC95L3953 white       Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Duna (Landi) LIRRC93L2114       -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       - -
- -


Scheffelfältets Bounzoe Bouno S58016/2001 2001.10.15 male brown A    
Scheffelfältets Bimbo Bravo S58018/2001 2001.10.15 male brownroan B    
Scheffelfältets Braca Benemata S58019/2001 DK01120/2002 2001.10.15 female brown A    
Scheffelfältets Bambolina Bruna S58020/2001 2001.10.15 female brown      

Half siblings from father:
Rusty (Amadori A.) LIR01/157140 SHSBA06506 2001.04.26 male brownroan      
Fox (Amadori A.) LIR01/157144 2001.04.26 male brownroan      
Akira (Amadori A.) LIR01/157149 2001.04.26 female white with brown      
Ketty (Amadori A.) LIR01/157150 2001.04.26 female brownroan      
Kira (Amadori A.) LIR01/157157 2001.04.26 female brownroan      
Milly (Amadori A.) LIR01/157161 2001.04.26 female brownroan      
Molly (Amadori A.) LIR01/157163 2001.04.26 female brownroan      
Assia delle Farnie LIR02/19847 S29942/2006 2001.08.27 female white with brown B    
Akela delle Farnie LIR02/19849 2001.08.27 female brownroan D --  
Asso delle Farnie LIR02/19850 2001.08.27 male brownroan      
Aster delle Farnie LIR02/19851 2001.08.27 male brownroan      
Alex delle Farnie LIR02/19852 2001.08.27 male brownroan      
Arpo' delle Farnie LIR02/19853 2001.08.27 male brownroan      
Barista's Dominica S46605/2002 2002.06.11 female brownroan      
Barista's Serenata S46606/2002 2002.06.11 female white with brown      
Barista's Ambra S46607/2002 2002.06.11 female white with brown      
Barista's Vienna S46608/2002 2002.06.11 female white with brown A    
Barista's Marco S46609/2002 2002.06.11 male white with brown C    
Barista's Luciano S46610/2002 2002.06.11 male brownroan      
Tiny Tuft's Vittorio Di Febo S58889/2002 2002.10.16 male brownroan      
Tiny Tuft's Rizzo Di Febo S58890/2002 2002.10.16 male brownroan      
Tiny Tuft's Enzo Di Febo S58891/2002 2002.10.16 male brownroan D    
Tiny Tuft's Febozilla Fanta'stica S58892/2002 2002.10.16 female brownroan D    
Tiny Tuft's Adriana Di Febo S58893/2002 2002.10.16 female brownroan      
Tiny Tuft's Santina Di Febo S58894/2002 2002.10.16 female brownroan A    
Tiny Tuft's Elena Di Febo S58895/2002 2002.10.16 female brownroan      
Kärleksberget's Indossatrice S19175/2003 2003.02.01 female brown B    
Kärleksberget's Imperatrice S19176/2003 2003.02.01 female brownroan A    
Kärleksberget's Impressionante S19177/2003 2003.02.01 female white with brown A    
Kärleksberget's Imperatore S19178/2003 2003.02.01 male brown      
Kärleksberget's Incantevole S19179/2003 2003.02.01 male white with brown      
Kärleksberget's Indovinello S19180/2003 2003.02.01 male brown      
Kärleksberget's Interamente S19181/2003 2003.02.01 male white with brown      
Kärleksberget's Incanto Di Febo S19182/2003 2003.02.01 male white with brown B    
Pearly Way Admirable Julian S14001/2006 2005.12.24 male brownroan      
Pearly Way Amazing Julius S14002/2006 2005.12.24 male brownroan      
Pearly Way Amusing Julio S14003/2006 2005.12.24 male brownroan      
Pearly Way Astounding Juliano S14004/2006 2005.12.24 male brownroan      
Pearly Way Amiable Julia S14005/2006 2005.12.24 female brownroan      
Pearly Way All Wonrous Julie S14006/2006 2005.12.24 female white with brown B    
Pearly Way Juliet Always On My Mind S14007/2006 2005.12.24 female brownroan      

Half siblings from mother:
Scheffelfältets Donnaiolo Dolce S30285/99 1999.04.05 male brown      
Scheffelfältets Drago Delizioso S30286/99 1999.04.05 male brown B    
Scheffelfältets Diabolik Divertente S30287/99 1999.04.05 male brown      
Scheffelfältets Daccapo Doro S30288/99 1999.04.05 male brownroan D    
Scheffelfältets Dea Dorata S30289/99 1999.04.05 female white with brown      
Scheffelfältets Donna Dolcevita S30290/99 1999.04.05 female brown A    
Scheffelfältets Graziano Giallo S10536/2000 1999.11.13 male orange      
Scheffelfältets Gilberto Grandioso S10537/2000 1999.11.13 male white with orange      
Scheffelfältets Garibaldi Geniale S10538/2000 1999.11.13 male white with orange      
Scheffelfältets Giovanna Giocosa S10539/2000 VDH02/142Ü0009 1999.11.13 female brownroan B    
Scheffelfältets Giulia Genorosa S10540/2000 1999.11.13 female Brown with white E    
Scheffelfältets Graziella Gustosa S10541/2000 1999.11.13 female white with orange A    
Scheffelfältets Gloria Genuina S10542/2000 1999.11.13 female brownroan A    
Scheffelfältets Svedese Senza Sole S24064/2001 2001.03.01 male brown      
Scheffelfältets Santo Sereno S24065/2001 2001.03.01 male white with brown B    
Scheffelfältets Siro Sontuoso S24066/2001 2001.03.01 male brown      
Scheffelfältets Santuzza Seria S24067/2001 2001.03.01 female brownroan      
Scheffelfältets Simonetta Simpatica S24068/2001 2001.03.01 female brownroan      
Scheffelfältets Silvana Scelta S24069/2001 2001.03.01 female white with brown E    
Scheffelfältets Saba Stupenda S24070/2001 2001.03.01 female brownroan E    
Scheffelfältets Silver Sagace S63275/2003 2003.10.15 male white with brown      
Scheffelfältets Sanna Simpatica S63276/2003 2003.10.15 male brown      
Scheffelfältets Sopia Saetta S63277/2003 2003.10.15 female brownroan B    
Scheffelfältets Sagoma Scelta S63278/2003 2003.10.15 female brown A --  
Scheffelfältets Saliente Iris S63279/2003 2003.10.15 female brown C    
Scheffelfältets Signorina Funny S63280/2003 2003.10.15 female brown      
Scheffelfältets Sopranome Sascha S63281/2003 2003.10.15 female brown      
Scheffelfältets Sirena Sana S63282/2003 2003.10.15 female white with brown A