Name of dog:
Varpelidens C-Ometto    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Nibbio delle Farnie LIR99/86327 S38442/99 brownroan       Kim LIRRC94L3510       Pepe (Macchiavelli) LIRRC93L2654 LOI02/24353 white with brown A     Pippo LIRRC93L2067       -
Meri LIRRC93L2085       -
Lussy LIRRC93L2630       Birillo LIRRC93L2032       -
Kelly LIRRC93L2291       -
Dina LIRRC93L1311       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       - -
- -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       - -
- -
Cobby's C-Pannacotta S15829/98 white with orange A     Gerry (Re D'Abruzzo) LIRRC97L5448 S52146/97 brown A     Arno (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2606 brownroan       Birbo (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2059       -
Lady (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2203       -
Ada LIRRC93L1652 S18119/2000 brown A     Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Chicca (Billi) LIRRC93L2350       -
Cobby's C-Tartufo Di Cioccolata S14628/96 brown A     Ivan LIRRC95L3729 S28922/95 brown D     Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white      
Duna (Landi) LIRRC93L2114      
Penny LIRRC93L2436       -
Caterina LIRRC95L3629 S28988/95 white with orange A     Dick (Zavagli) LIRRC93L1681 LOI99/76624 white       -
Ary LIRRC93L1654       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white      
Chicca (Billi) LIRRC93L2350      


Varpelidens C-Ortolano S17968/2001 2001.02.07 male Brown with white      
Varpelidens C-Orofino S17969/2001 2001.02.07 male brown B    
Varpelidens C-Oliveto S17971/2001 2001.02.07 male brownroan      
Varpelidens C-Otaria S17972/2001 2001.02.07 female brownroan      
Varpelidens C-Ondina S17973/2001 2001.02.07 female brownroan      
Varpelidens C-Orchidea S17974/2001 2001.02.07 female brown A    

Half siblings from father:
Varpelidens I-Orso S15933/2001 2001.01.19 male brownroan      
Varpelidens I-Orsetto S15934/2001 2001.01.19 male brownroan      
Varpelidens I-Ottima S15935/2001 2001.01.19 female brown      
Varpelidens I-Ospita S15936/2001 2001.01.19 female brown      
Varpelidens I-Orecchia S15937/2001 2001.01.19 female brown      
Varpelidens I-Orsa-Minore S15938/2001 2001.01.19 female brown      
Lamier's Orofino S17215/2003 2003.01.22 male brownroan      
Lamier's Othello S17216/2003 2003.01.22 male brownroan      
Lamier's Orlando S17217/2003 2003.01.22 male brownroan      
Lamier's Odessa S17218/2003 2003.01.22 female brownroan A    
Lamier's Orchidea S17219/2003 DK08066/2003 2003.01.22 female brownroan A    
Doggmasters Leonardo Da Vinci S13336/2004 2003.12.15 male brownroan      
Doggmasters Pablo Picasso S13337/2004 2003.12.15 male brownroan      
Doggmasters Don Vito Corleone S13338/2004 2003.12.15 male brownroan      
Doggmasters Tottelini S13339/2004 2003.12.15 male brownroan B    
Doggmasters Pavarotti S13340/2004 2003.12.15 male brownroan B    
Doggmasters Sankta Lucia S13341/2004 2003.12.15 female brownroan B    
Doggmasters Ave Maria S13342/2004 2003.12.15 female brownroan B    
Lamier's San Lorenzo S35345/2004 2004.04.13 male brownroan C    
Lamier's Crispiero Carino S35346/2004 2004.04.13 male brownroan B    
Lamier's Salvarenza S35347/2004 2004.04.13 male brownroan      
Lamier's Birillo S35348/2004 2004.04.13 male brownroan      
Lamier's Dolce Vita S35349/2004 2004.04.13 female brownroan A    
Lamier's Bellavista S35350/2004 2004.04.13 female brownroan      
Lamier's Angelini To Doggmaster S35351/2004 2004.04.13 female brownroan B    
Lamier's Cappuccino S46599/2005 2005.06.12 male brownroan      
Lamier's Cafe Au Lait S46600/2005 2005.06.12 male brownroan B    
Lamier's Creame Toffee S46601/2005 2005.06.12 female brownroan      
Lamier's Creame Caramell S46602/2005 2005.06.12 female brownroan C    
Lamier's Cleopatra S46603/2005 2005.06.12 female brownroan B    
Lamier's Chadilla S46604/2005 2005.06.12 female brownroan      
Lamier's Cloetta S46605/2005 2005.06.12 female brownroan C    

Half siblings from mother:
Varpelidens C-Carino S42101/2000 2000.06.22 male brown      
Varpelidens C-Ciuffo S42102/2000 2000.06.22 male white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Corallo S42103/2000 2000.06.22 male white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Cesena S42104/2000 2000.06.22 female white with orange      
Varpelidens C-Carezza S42105/2000 2000.06.22 female orange      
Varpelidens C-Bellino S11608/2003 2002.11.28 male brown      
Varpelidens C-Bambino Zicco S11609/2003 2002.11.28 male brown      
Varpelidens C-Benito S11610/2003 2002.11.28 male brown      
Varpelidens C-Beniamino S11611/2003 2002.11.28 male brown B    
Varpelidens C-Baccio Sidus S11612/2003 2002.11.28 male brown C    
Varpelidens C-Brushcetta S11613/2003 2002.11.28 female brown      
Varpelidens C-Bambolia S11614/2003 2002.11.28 female brown      
Varpelidens C-Bambina Sally S11615/2003 2002.11.28 female brown B    
Varpelidens C-Made For Budoar S11616/2003 2002.11.28 female brown B    
Carlsten's Hickory S20063/2004 2004.02.07 male white with orange      
Carlsten's Harry Potter S20064/2004 2004.02.07 male white with brown      
Carlsten's Hugo S20065/2004 2004.02.07 male brown      
Carlsten's Helmer S20066/2004 2004.02.07 male white with orange      
Carlsten's Hilma S20067/2004 2004.02.07 female Brown with white A    
Carlsten's Hilla Av Varpeliden S20068/2004 2004.02.07 female Brown with white