Name of dog:
Briciolas (Brunelli)    
Pedigree number:
Date of birth:
white with brown
Epilepsy gene:
Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD):

Pedigree 5 generation 8 generation
Bix (Amadori P.) LIR99/32128 white with brown       Ronnie (Olivi) LIRRC97L5320 white with brown       Bix (Mirandoli) LIRRC93L2610 LOIRC153812       Roki (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2053       -
Titti (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2126       -
Layka LIRRC94L3200       - -
- -
Cilla LIRRC97L5554       Bix (Mirandoli) LIRRC93L2610 LOIRC153812       Roki (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2053       -
Titti (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2126       -
Ambra (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2601 brown       Birbo (Scantamburlo) LIRRC93L2059       -
Lady (Zanetti) LIRRC93L2203       -
Volpe (Zancarli) LIR02/119829 white with brown       Alceo (Ciacci) LIR01/85099 white with brown       Alan (Profili) LIRRC96L4738 LOI99/110234 white with brown B     Arno (Tassinari) LOI98/153223 (LIRRC93L2439) white       -
Mina LIRRC93L2516       -
Pompea (Ciacci) LIR99/157936 brownroan A     Lampo delle Farnie LIRRC97L5593 white with brown       Berny delle Farnie LIRRC96L4404 LOIRC158778 white B    
Thundra delle Farnie LIRRC96L4401 FINER31715/97 white with brown      
Margo (Landi) LIRRC95L3952 white A     Pepe (Landi) LIRRC93L2777 LOI162283 white      
Penny LIRRC93L2436      
Luna delle Farnie LIRRC96L4642 white with orange       Apache (Landi) LIRRC94L3235       Rex (Landi) LIRRC93L1823 LOIRC162282 brown       -
Ledi (Landi) LIRRC93L2238       Jack (Landi) LIRRC93L2185 white      
Milu' (Landi) LIRRC93L2115      
Dina LIRRC93L1311       Malck (Landi) LIRRC93L2335 LOIRC153820 white       -
Penny LIRRC93L2436       -


Lampo (Brunelli) LIR05/112159 2005.04.30 male white with brown      
Brighel (Brunelli) LIR05/112160 2005.04.30 male white with brown      
Tin (Brunelli) LIR05/112161 2005.04.30 male white with brown      
Briciola (Brunelli) LIR05/112162 2005.04.30 female white with brown      
Luna (Brunelli) LIR05/112165 2005.04.30 female white with brown      

Half siblings from father:
Sharon (Bighelli) LIR00/112998 2000.05.26 female brownroan      
Carlotta (Bighelli) LIR00/112999 2000.05.26 female brownroan      
Penelope (Bighelli) LIR00/113000 2000.05.26 female white with brown      
Gimmy (Bighelli) LIR00/113001 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Safi (Bighelli) LIR00/113002 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Tiri (Bighelli) LIR00/113003 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Oreste (Bighelli) LIR00/113004 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Romeo (Bighelli) LIR00/113005 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Pepe (Bighelli) LIR00/113006 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Willy (Bighelli) LIR00/113007 2000.05.26 male brownroan      
Sissi (Romano D.) LIR03/84794 2003.03.15 female brownroan      
Rocki (Romano D.) LIR03/84798 2003.03.15 male brownroan      
Stella (Romano D.) LIR03/84800 2003.03.15 female brownroan      
Kira (Romano D.) LIR03/84804 2003.03.15 female white with brown      
Lilli (Romano D.) LIR03/84806 2003.03.15 female brownroan      

Half siblings from mother: